Options for Treating Intermediate Risk Prostate Cancer

BY ANKIT AGARWAL, MD Finding out you or a loved one has been diagnosed with prostate cancer can be a scary thing to hear. The first thing many men ask is, what does this mean, and is my prostate cancer curable. Before I delve into treatment options with men, I Read more

Finding a Prostate Cancer Support Group in the San Francisco Bay Area

BY ANKIT AGARWAL, MD Many of the men I see at Western Radiation Oncology are relatively healthy, active men who are surprised to learn they have prostate cancer. Between appointments for diagnostic tests, appointments for doctors’ appointments, and reading about prostate cancer on the internet, they feel that their life Read more

The Importance of Exercise for Men with Prostate Cancer

BY ANKIT AGARWAL, MD Exercise has a multitude of benefits. However, starting or maintaining an exercise program is especially important for men undergoing treatment for prostate cancer! Multiple studies have shown the benefit of a structured exercise program for men with prostate cancer. Exercise is great…but does it really help Read more

The Impact of Prostate Cancer Treatment on Sexual Health

BY ANKIT AGARWAL, MD One of the most significant impacts of prostate cancer treatment is on sexual health. All forms of treatment for prostate cancer – including surgery (prostatectomy), external beam radiation therapy, and brachytherapy can have an impact on erectile dysfunction and sexual health more broadly. In particular, treatments Read more

Comparing Treatment Options for Prostate Cancer

BY ANKIT AGARWAL, MD   Men with prostate cancer have many treatment options. Active surveillance, surgery, external beam radiation therapy, and brachytherapy (seed implant) are options for many patients. How should patients compare treatment options? Men should ask their physicians these three critical questions: What are my chances for success Read more

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