Ethos™ Adaptive Intelligence™ Therapy by Varian

El Camino Hospital was the first hospital on the West Coast to utilize Ethos Adaptive Radiation therapy technology. Adaptive radiation therapy is especially useful in some patients where changes in anatomy, proximity to critical normal organs, or tumor shrinkage requires more precise targeting.

Adaptive therapy adds more personalization to treatment plans, showing promise for difficult cancers or advanced stage cancers that cannot normally be treated with surgery or conventional radiation therapy.

Traditional methods of adaptive therapy involved a patient undergoing a new treatment planning session with days spent outlining changes in anatomy and creating new treatment plans. Ethos™ was created to address the shortcomings found in traditional adaptive therapy.

Western Radiation Oncology (WRO) is proud to offer Ethos™ therapy, a Varian Adaptive Intelligence™ solution that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve adaptive therapy. It creates contours and generates adapted plans for physician review within minutes, while a patient is on the treatment couch. It allows doctors to:

  • Access diagnostic quality MR, PET and CT images during planning and treatment
  • View daily changes in patient anatomy at the console with high quality iCBCT images
  • Optimize visualization of large target volumes
  • Gain insight through the advanced power of AI-enhanced image segmentation and AI-driven treatment planning
  • Apply automated dose accumulation and forecasting to monitor treatment progress
  • Harness relevant knowledge to monitor and forecast dose accumulation
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Online adaptive therapy is no longer an elusive aspiration—too complex and time-consuming to be practical and too exclusive for most clinics and patients. True to the Ethos name, this revolutionary therapy is within reach now for cancer patients everywhere.

Potential benefits

Transformative technologies help enhance clinical workflow

• Template-driven prescription creation of physician’s objectives and intent

• Designed to optimize the generation of interactive 3D prescriptions

• Using templates allows clinicians to create many goals within seconds, such as target dose and OAR constraints

Easily integrate multi-modality images at any stage

• Leverage diagnostic MR, PET, and CT images during planning and treatment

• Atlas and geometry-based algorithms contour selected anatomy automatically

• Manual drag-and-drop tools are also available for further review and fast edits in real-time

New interactive dose optimizer—powered by GPU

• Dose preview allows for evaluation of trade-offs in organ sparing and target dose coverage

• Using GPU for dose calculation and optimization, AI-driven IMRT and VMAT plans are auto-generated

• Plans are compared against physician’s intent using metrics to streamline the comparisons

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Learn more about Varian’s Ethos technology on their website, or book a consultation with a local WRO doctor to learn more Ethos™ as a treatment option for prostate cancer.

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